ETUI Lunch debate, organised in cooperation with EUROMIL, EuroCOP, EPSU and ETUC

Working Conditions of Security Personnel in Europe Speakers: NN, European Commission Àngels Bosch Campreciós, President EuroCOP Nadja Salson, Policy Officer for national and EU administrations, EPSU Emmanuel Jacob, EUROMIL President Moderator: Philippe Pochet, General Director ETUI Briefing: In recent years, the EU has frequently made use of the provisions in Article 153 of the TFEU [...]

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Hearing at the EU Subcommittee on Security and Defence

EuroCOP’s positions on how officers must be protected during foreign assignments have been put in front of the EU Subcommittee on Security and Defence. Nordic Police Union Secretary Claus Redder Madsen (pictured) represented EuroCOP at the meeting and set out what police officers need before, during and after they have been deployed abroad. EuroCOP says [...]

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EuroCOP President Àngels Bosch attended the ETUC Health and Safety Committee

EuroCOP president Angels Bosch has attended the ETUC (European Trade Union) Health and Safety committee today, explaining the situation of police officers in Europe and the developments on the PETI committee. In her speech Angels explained how the developments on the PETI petition are positive. The petition will be open for a further six months, [...]

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Hearing at the Petitions Committee

Providing protective equipment for police officers across the continent could soon become law as an investigation into why officers are not included in existing European regulations gets the green light. EuroCOP President Angels Bosch has been lobbying the European Parliament to further its petition to improve working conditions for officers across the continent. And now [...]

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British Minister Visits Civil Nuclear Constabulary New Firearms Training Facility

Nigel Dennis Chief Executive of the CNPF stated “We are delighted that Richard Harrington MP, Minister for Energy and industry has found the time in his busy schedule to visit the CNC new firearms training facility Griffin Park. This 40 million pound multi -purpose and cutting edge firearms training facility is a long term investment [...]

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Civil Nuclear Police Federation secures greater protection for officer pay and conditions

An official negotiating machinery for the pay and conditions of Civil Nuclear Constabulary officers has been agreed by the Force, Police Authority and Federation - meaning greater protection for the rights and entitlements of officers. Known as a Foundation Collective Agreement, there is now in effect a legally enforceable contract between the CNPA and the [...]

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Closing the information gap Remarks by Julian King at a press conference on interoperability

On a press conference on 12 December Julian King said: "Police and border guards shouldn't face blind spots. They should have the information they need, when and where they need it: data that is complete, accurate and reliable." From our point of view this is a big step forward and now we hope to see [...]

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