Mission Statement

EuroCOP is a non-profit organisation representing the voice of European police officers. Striving to protect the rights, safety, values, and position in society of European police officers, EuroCOP is building stronger channels of communication and cooperation on policing across Europe.

Since EuroCOP’s creation in 2002 we have been fighting to promote four key goals:

  • A Social Europe for the Police
  • Internal Security in Europe
  • Safety for the Police
  • Solidarity and Network building

By working towards the realisation of these goals EuroCOP is supporting European police forces to keep our society safe and secure.

By 2020 EuroCOP envisions European police officers operating together in an environment of equality, safety and support, provided with the rights, resources, and training to keep Europe’s citizens safe and secure for the long term future.

Achieving EuroCOP’s mission and making our vision for the future a reality is built on clear set of strategic objectives that guide our priorities and actions over the coming five years.

EuroCOP’s three strategic objectives are:

  • Raising EuroCOP’s profile
  • Building EU policy that supports European police officers
  • Establishing policing best practice