EuroCOP is composed of three core bodies, who define our vision and mission and shape our activities across Europe: the Congress, EuroCOP Committee and Executive Committee.


The Congress is the plenary body of EuroCOP. Here delegates from all Member Organisations come together every four years in order to elect the Executive Committee and to take other essential and far reaching decisions for EuroCOP.
How many delegates each organisation receives in Congress, depends on the number of members.

EuroCOP Committee

The EuroCOP Committee is the body in charge of determining EuroCOP’s policies between Congresses.

Every Member Organisation sends delegates to this body that meets on a bi-annual basis, usually in Spring and Autumn.

The EuroCOP Committee provides EuroCOP with the ability to react swiftly to changes in the political environment and to discuss recent developments without delay.

Executive Committee

Elected by Congress, the Executive Committee is in charge of the day to day business of the organization. Its six members meet on a monthly basis and represent EuroCOP towards the outside world. Representatives of the Executive Committee speak at conferences and participate in outreach meetings with EU policymakers in Brussels. The Executive Committee organizes generally two meeting programs per year to ensure that existing relationships are maintained and new relationships are built.

They are also tasked with preparing EuroCOP Committee meetings and Congresses.

The Executive Committee is composed of the President, a first and a second Vice-President, a Treasurer and two further members.

ExCom overview


The Executive Committee is supported by the staff of the Confederate Secretariat located in Luxembourg.