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New Executive Committee 2015 - 2020 chosen

Dublin Castle, host of the 4th Ordinary Congress.

Dublin Castle, host of the 4th Ordinary Congress.

At it's 4th Ordinary Congress, held 16 - 18 november 2015 in Dublin Ireland, EuroCOP has chosen a new Executive Committee.

Angels Bosch (SPC Catalonia) was elected as the new President of EuroCOP!

Mark Nelson (CNPF UNited Kingdom) was elected Treasurer. As vice-presidents the ExComm choose Roger Mercatoris (SLFP Belgium) as first and Calum Steele (SPF Scotland) as second vice-president. Milan Stepanek (NOSP Czech Republic) and Georgios Stamatakis (PFP Greece) are the newly chosen members of the ExComm.

We congratulate these colleagues with their election and at the same time we thank the leaving ExComm members (Anna Nellberg-Dennis, Han Busker, Jorg Bruckmuller, Miroslav Litva) for all the work they have done for EuroCOP in the past four years to help reaching our goals.

As new Auditor for EuroCOP Henry Bautista (GPA Gibraltar) was chosen by the Congress.

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