England: concern Plebgate hugely damaging

Cat: News, Press / Friday 08. of November 2013/


Concern mounts that Plebgate affair is proving hugely damaging for staff associations.


EuroCOP supports Guardia Civil Police Unions in rights claim.

Cat: News, Press / Thursday 31. of October 2013/


At their Autumn committee meeting in Prague, 30th October, EuroCOP responded to the concerns of officers of the Spanish Guardia Civil regarding the loss of rights in industrial disputes by passing unanimously the following...

EuroCOP Committee Opening speech

Cat: News, Press / Tuesday 29. of October 2013/

Today Anna Nellberg opened the EuroCOP Autumn Committee meeting delivering the following speech to be downloaded here.

Good news for the Spanish colleagues: Health and Safety: Commission refers Spain to Court for failing to protect Civil Guard.

Cat: News, Press / Thursday 17. of October 2013/

The European Commission has decided to refer Spain to the EU's Court of Justice for not fully applying the EU Directive that establishes basic rules on protecting workers' health and safety to members of the Civil Guard ('Guardia...

EuroCOP Autumn Committee 29 & 30 October in Prague.

Cat: Calendar, News, Press / Wednesday 16. of October 2013/

On October the 29th en 30th the EuroCOP committee will hold it's autumn meeting in Prague.

Full documentation can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can download the agenda here.

Practical information can be found via...

EuroCOP Newsletter! First year, second issue.

Cat: News, Press / Friday 04. of October 2013/

Welcome back from the summer break. I hope everyone is feeling well rested and ready to tackle the many challenges that lie ahead of us this Autumn. This second edition of our e-newsletter contains updates on EuroCOP activities...

BUY YOUR OWN PROTECTIVE VEST - says Catalan Government.

Cat: News, Press / Friday 04. of October 2013/

We have all got used to hearing how Governments and police authorities are making cuts in police budgets because of the tight economic situation. Usually this has meant vehicles not being replaced, equipment being used beyond its...

EuroCOP ExComm meets in Brussels 25th september 2013

Cat: Calendar, News, Press / Tuesday 24. of September 2013/


Tomorrow the Executive Committee has it's meeting. On the agenda are amongst other items the following:

Budget Proposal 2014 (doc)Half-yearly figures 2013 (doc)State of EuroCOP accounts (doc)AUTUMN EuroCOP Committee: agenda and...

EuroCOP President meets the Spanish Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martinez Vazquez

Cat: News, Press / Monday 09. of September 2013/

The President of the European Confederation of Police (EuroCOP) Anna Nellberg met the Secretary of State for Security, Francisco Martinez Vazquez september the 5th in Madrid. The EuroCOP President had been invited by the...

Engeland: firearms officers terms and conditions row erupts.

Cat: News, Press / Wednesday 10. of July 2013/


Fed takes legal action as five officers leave Civil Nuclear Constabulary after handing in firearms tickets.

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