EuroCOP News Update February 2016

Cat: News, Press / Wednesday 10. of February 2016/

We are little over 6 weeks into the New Year and the work of EuroCOP continues at great pace. The newly elected executive committee (ExCom) has wasted no time in rolling its selves up and getting on with business. We are...

New Executive Committee 2015 - 2020 chosen

Cat: News, Press / Friday 20. of November 2015/

At it's 4th Ordinary Congress, held 16 - 18 november 2015 in Dublin Ireland, EuroCOP has chosen a new Executive Committee.

Angels Bosch (SPC Catalonia) was elected as the new President of EuroCOP!

Mark Nelson (CNPF UNited...

Paris terrorists attacks 13th november 2015

Cat: News, Press / Sunday 15. of November 2015/

Statement from Mrs. Anna Nellberg-Dennis, president of EuroCOP

Published: EuroCOP statement on refugees and policing

Cat: News, Press / Friday 18. of September 2015/

The EuroCOP statement on migration challenges and role of police has been published in the New Europe opinion magazine:


EuroCOP statement on refugees and policing

Cat: News, Press / Sunday 13. of September 2015/

European police staff organisations and unions urge Europe’s policymakers to recognize and support the critical role of police officers in the current migration crisis.


Read via this link our full statement.

Prague statement on refugees in Eurpe

Cat: News, Press / Friday 04. of September 2015/

EuroCOP has been discussing the humanitarian and refugee crisis - Police must be better trained to deal with refugees, European states should act up to the agreements and realize that reduction of police staff are worsening the...

Candidates Executive Committe elections November

Cat: News, Press / Wednesday 02. of September 2015/

Today, september the 2nd 2015, the candidates for the Executive Committee elections in November 2015 have presented themselves: Àngels Bosch, Han Busker, Mark Nelson, Jörg Bruchmüller, Roger Mercatoris and Milan Stepanek.


Lithuanian NPPSS initiated protest.

Cat: News, Press / Tuesday 30. of June 2015/

NPPSS initiated protested action which was held 18th of June. 100 Lithuanian statutory officers tried to remind members of Parliament to keep their promises. Officers seek the adoption of the new Internal System statute.

EuroCOP Newsletter 7 is out!

Cat: News, Press / Sunday 24. of May 2015/

The new EuroCOP Newsletter is out. Number 7 that is. Download it here!

New European Agenda on Security, focus on more EU support

Cat: News, Press / Tuesday 12. of May 2015/

European police staff organisations and unions welcome European Commission Agenda on Security and call on Commission to ensure proper implementation of its security goals.

Use this link to read the EuroCOP consultation...

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