Luxembourg, 23rd March 2017

Cat: News, Press / Thursday 23. of March 2017/

#London: EuroCOP condolences and solidarity

EuroCOP today expresses its condolences and solidarity with the people of UK following yesterday’s horrific attack in London. 

The thoughts of EuroCOP and our Member...

Greek Police protest austerity measures

Cat: News, Press / Thursday 23. of February 2017/

Public Hearing in Brussels regarding refugees and migrants situation in Brussels

Cat: News, Press / Wednesday 22. of February 2017/

Brussels, 14th February 2017

By Peter Smets Belgium Delegate

On 14th February 2017 EuroCOP participated in the Public Hearing about the situation of refugees and migrants with disabilities in Brussels, which was organized by...

9th January, CNPF Letter to Mr Jesse Norman MP

Cat: News, Press / Monday 09. of January 2017/

9th January, CNPF Letter  to Mr Jesse Norman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy



#Berlin: EuroCOP condolences and solidarity

Cat: News, Press / Tuesday 20. of December 2016/

EuroCOP today expressed its condolences and solidarity with the people of Germany following last night’s horrific attack in Berlin.

The thoughts of our Member Organisations are with all the victims - the dead and the injured,...

Malta November 2016

Cat: News, Press / Wednesday 30. of November 2016/

Last week the MPA published a Position Paper with some proposals for amendments in the Police Act of Malta.

Communicating Migration, Vienna 24/25 November 2016

Cat: News, Press / Wednesday 30. of November 2016/

On 24-25 November Peter Smets represented EuroCOP during an event organized by the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee). We could never guess the topic “Communicating Migration” was going to be so burning at that...

CNPF CEO Nigel Dennis & Chairman Mark Nelson meeting with Baroness Neville - Rolfe ,British Minister of State, 3rd November 2016

Cat: News, Press / Sunday 06. of November 2016/

Civil Nuclear Police Federation officials Nigel Dennis and Mark Nelson met Energy Minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe on last Thursday (3rd November) to make the case for retirement at 60 for CNC officers. Backing up the Federation...

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