How do you become a member of EuroCOP?

You have to be an organisation representing police officers in countries affiliated to the European Union or the Council of Europe.

The organisation has to fulfil the following:

  • its purpose is the representation of members of civil police forces in respect to pay, conditions of service and welfareit is democratically and transparently ruled
  • it has a legal base in its country and negotiate on behalf of its members
  • it is financially stable and financed through its members

The Executive Committee gives a recommendation to the EuroCOP Committee whether to accept a new member or not. The vote requires a two-thirds majority at a EuroCOP Meeting which takes place twice a year, one time in the spring, usually around March, and one time in the fall, around November.

What are EuroCOP’s main objectives?
  • to promote and develop the police profession and the role of the police service
  • to assist member organisations in their work on welfare for their members
What is the subscription fee as a member?

The yearly subscriptions are decided by Congress and last for the congressional period of four years.

At present the fee is €1,24 per individual member represented by the member organisation and year.

What is the difference between EuroCOP and Europol?

EuroCOP represents police unions and staff organisations in Europe. It is the Voice of Police in Europe. It works towards the European Institutions but is not one itself. Its task is to work for the police in Europe in order to facilitate their daily work.

Europol is a European Union Institution. Its task is to assist member states during national operations and enable data information exchange on crime.

Who decides things in EuroCOP?

The Executive Committee is the executive authority, or government of EuroCOP. It makes proposals or recommendations to the EuroCOP Committee.

The EuroCOP Committee acts as the Assembly of member organisations or the “EuroCOP Parliament”. It makes the decisions and is composed of delegates from all member organisations according to the number of individual members each member organisation has.

Congress, once every four years, is the supreme authority of EuroCOP. 

What is the difference between the Council of Europe and the European Council?

The European Council is s meeting of the Heads of State or government from the member states of the European Union.

The Council of Europe is not a European Union Institution. It acts on its own as an international organisation based in Strasbourg with 47 member countries from Europe. It was set up to promote democracy and protect human rights and the rule of law in Europe.

When can EuroCOP exclude a member?

A member can be expelled if

  • has not paid its membership contributions in full by the end of the current accounting year
  • acts contrary to the interests or the purposes and aims of EuroCOP

A decision for exclusions requires a two-thirds majority by the EuroCOP Committee.

The fees are due before March 1st of each year.

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