The European Confederation of Police, EuroCOP, serves as the voice of European police officers in Europe. It represents over half a million officers in 27 European countries dealing with issues ranging from cross-border police cooperation to a safer working environment for police officers on the street.

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On 14 April, EuroCOP’s President, Anna Nellberg-Dennis, was invited to speak as panelist in the European Parliament hearing on "The fight against terrorism and the challenges for EU internal security".


Published: EuroCOP statement on refugees and policing

The EuroCOP statement on migration challenges and role of police has been published in the New Europe opinion magazine:



EuroCOP statement on refugees and policing

European police staff organisations and unions urge Europe’s policymakers to recognize and support the critical role of police officers in the current migration crisis.


Read via this link our full statement.


Prague statement on refugees in Eurpe

EuroCOP has been discussing the humanitarian and refugee crisis - Police must be better trained to deal with refugees, European states should act up to the agreements and realize that reduction of police staff are worsening the...


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